Dec 7, 2009

one: it's almost Christmas, and i'm so excited!

two: just so you know, a very wonderful thing will be happening at the First Baptist Church Pocatello on December 19th. i'f you're in pocatello then, you should go there at about 7 pm, and you should bring some canned food to donate and you should come ready for a good and musical time! Lunch in the Park Live at the North Pole will be starting around seven, and you'll be able to listen to some awesome music, some of which will be about nerdy things like glasses, and some of which will be about Christmas and the baby Jesus! fun will be had by all! also, it's free, so you don't have to pay to get in, and we will be giving a cool prize to the person who brings in the most canned food! it's a Christmas concert/food drive/awesomeness extravaganza! please come if you can!

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