Dec 3, 2009

this comic is entitled: i will never ever try to draw a car again ever.

also, i was originally going to post this comic yesterday, but i didn't use the internet very much yesterday and i totally forgot. so i'm going to post two comics today, because this second one has been scheduled for today for a while, and it has to be posted on a thursday when there's Fringe, and i don't want to wait a week to post it, because then i'll get way behind on my schedule.

so, here you go.

and again, i really don't like how this new scanner is scanning my comics. i'm going to have to do something about it.

this is post 80

again, Fringe is copyright Bad Robot and Oreos copyright Nabisco. also, the Mercury Topaz is copyright Mercury, i imagine.

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Anonymous said...

i hope she picks a 90 second commercial break. hahahahahaha