Feb 18, 2010

here's a little sketch i did at church one day of elliott dressed as James Sunderland from Silent Hill. this was before i found the handgun in the game, and i just had the board with a nail in it.
as i said before, seriously, Silent Hill 2 is so insanely scary.

also, just so you know, i have been having the coolest dreams possible these last few nites. three nites ago, i had a dream that was a lot like Night Watch or Day Watch, but me and matt were the main characters and it was amazing. two nites ago, i had a zombie apocalypse dream where me and matt and jessica [and our parents, and sam and tori wortham, but that's another story] were survivors and we were very successful at not getting eaten by zombies. and last nite, i had a dream that me and matt were hanging out with John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats, and he was like, "hey guys, i just wrote this new song, and no one has heard it yet, but i'm not a hundred percent sure that i like it. do you wanna hear it?" and we were like, oh my gosh! yes! yes! a thousand times yes!" so he played this song for us and it was the greatest song ever written, and me and matt were the first people ever to hear it. it was absolutely wonderful.

this is post 96

again, SIlent Hill 2 copyright Namco


Sam Lyle said...

OMG Pete! those dreams are rock'n roll...but why wasn't I with you survivin' the zomb-pocalypse? this saddens me...

orange is the new "i love you" said...

probably you weren't there because you currently don't live in the Pocatello/Chubbuck metropolitan area. i'm sorry. you probably were still alive up in north idaho is my guess.