Feb 20, 2010

i absolutely love curling. it is sooo amazing. and our teams have each won two games in a row! we're doing so well now, and i'm so happy! also, Chris Plys, our men's team alternate, is so awesome! i want to hang out with him!

but so anyways, me and matt are gonna become olympic curlers and it is going to be so incredible. also, Tim O'brien and Sam Lyle have already shown interest in joining our team, so that means we just need an alternate! but that part's tough, because Vernon Davis [from the 49ers] is training to become a curler, and as i said earlier, Chris Plys is way cool, so maybe we'll have six people on the team instead of just the usual five or something. i dunno.

and if you want to watch olympic curling on the tv, they've been showing it every day from 10 til 1 on USA and from 3 til 6 on CNBC.

also, you can find out more about our oympic curling teams at http://curling.teamusa.org/

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