Apr 22, 2010

happy earthday, everyone! as you may know, today, to celebrate earthday, Sun Chips has introduced a new, biodegradeable bag. i think that is way awesome. so yeah. go buy some Sun Chips.
also, a bunch of Invisible Children roadies came through Pocatello the last couple of days, and some of them stayed at our house! they did a screening at the church i volunteer at, and it was way hecka awesome. i definitely recommend going to one of their screenings or housing the roadies for a nite if you can. you can learn more about the organisation and their screening dates at http://invisiblechildren.com.
oh, and another thing: i will be going on short hiatus. i will not post another comic until a little bit into the month of may. i am sorry. but yeah, i will let you know when i post again if you follow me on the facebook or the twitter, and there should be a new comic within the first few days of May.

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