Apr 4, 2010

if you want to listen to the song, here's a video of me playing it! i wrote it while reading the book Redwall, and kind of a lot of the lines are pretty much just quotes from the novel. also, the end of the book really isn't my favourite, because Matthias and Cornflower's relationship is almost forgotten and you hardly get to read about it at all for like the last hundred pages.

and you may notice that i put up the chords for the song. if you want to do a cover of it, i'd love to hear it. here are the words for the second and third verses:

the first time we saw Cluny the Scourge with his single fearsome eye
you lay your head on my shoulder and though there were bad times ahead, it was my favourite nite yet
he may think that you're a pretty one for him, but i will never let him in, oh no.
i'd give my life for this abbey and for you, oh i will never let you go

then you sing the chorus
verse 3:
i'm sorry i left without telling you where i'd gone, it was wrong of me to do that
but for you, i'm like an old bad penny, i always come back
with your gently paw intertwined with mine,
i will tell you that it will all be fine
and as you walk away, i watch and think to myself,
wouldn't it be nice, if she were my wife... someday

and you end with the chorus.

number 112

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