Oct 4, 2010

grasshoppers are awful. except that one in James and the Giant Peach, he was pretty cool.

sometimes i used to walk from my old house in Chubbuck to the mall, and these days sometimes (though very rarely) i walk from the mall to the Portneuf library, and i like to walk along the canal, because it's really quite nice and it's a little faster than walking along one of the roads. unfortunately, in the summer and fall, the path by the canal is COVERED in grasshoppers. seriously, sometimes the only areas of ground that don't have grasshoppers on them is the part that's blocked by bushes, so the grasshoppers can't stand there. it's awful. and then, they jump and hit me in the hands and face and it's totally stupid. really, i'm not a fan of grasshoppers.

anyways, to go out on, here's the song "Family" from James and the Giant Peach.

this is number 162

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