Oct 28, 2010

i drew this comic with my new B tip PITT pen, to see what inking a comic with that would be like. i'm not sure how i feel about it.

also, this is a real book. it was on clearance at the Barnes and Noble website, but bow it's not on clearance anymore. it's still pretty cheap, though, so if you like H.P. Lovecraft and don't yet own all of the fiction he ever wrote (by himself. there's also another book they have at my library, The Watchers Out of Time, that was written by Lovecraft and August Derleth, and i think maybe one of the stories in that book is in this book i bought), this book is a great deal at only 12 bucks. it's hardcover and like 1100 pages, and it's pretty awesome. you can find it here. also, sometimes it gets out of stock on the website, so if you're interested, you may want to purchase it soon, before it becomes hard to find again.

and another thing: i feel like Barnes and Noble was crazy lucky (or maybe very skilled) to have acquired the URL books.com. i mean, i guess someone was likely to end up with it, but i feel like that's the kind of domain name you'd want to buy right when the internet was first starting up, so you could sell it yourself for a ton of money, you know?

this is number 170.

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