Feb 17, 2011

it's true, there's two very interesting concerts that i'd love to go to in the next little while. first, Max Bemis from my favourite band of all time, Say Anything, has been doing an acoustic tour. rumour has it he's been playing old songs that he never/rarely plays anymore, and he's selling a new Max Bemis and the Painful Splits cd, and i really wish i could go. i've got family in LA, and there's a show at the Troubador (though i'm pretty sure it's now sold out) on the 25th, so i was hoping to go, but i won't be able to. if you read this comic and you happen to be going to one of Max's show on this tour, could you please buy me a copy of the new Painful Splits cd and i'll pay you back, either in money form or comics form or something?

also, the cool band Gold Motel is on tour with Hellogoodbye and Jukebox the Ghost, and it'd be way cool to see them, but their closest tour stop is on a tuesday, as stated in the comic above, so that makes it difficult.

oh, and about this comic: i've narrowed the location of the city they live in a little more! before this, i'd said they don't live in Oregon, and i once said that some characters "went out of town" to go shopping, but now i've said that they're not in SLC or LA, either. i probably wouldn't have said anything about SLC if i hadn't also been mentioning LA, because then it would've pointed out the driving distance to Salt Lake.

anyways, here's the video for one of my favourite Gold Motel songs. if you like it, maybe you can look at their tour dates here

this is number 209

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