Feb 10, 2011

seriously, while re-watching the show Outlaw Star on my new dvds, the first time both Harry and Ron MacDougall's names were said, i was like, "HARRY AND RON!" it was incredible.

also, my webcomic was mentioned on the awesome webcomicing podcast, The Webcomic Beacon because i reached 200 posts and 2 years! awesome! i've been listening to them for a while, since Erika Moen from Dar! was on, and they talk a lot about a lot of webcomics and webcomicing skills, so it's pretty cool. if you're thinking of writing a webcomic, i'd probably give them a listen. they do kind of swear sometimes, and they talk about naked people and adult comics, so if you're offended by that kind of stuff, you may not want to listen, but it's a pretty good podcast, i think.


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