May 19, 2011

another Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars comic. i've just about beaten the game now, i've just got to finish getting through the last dungeon and fight Smithy, but i don't want to yet because all my party members are level 29 so i may as well level them up, and i want to try and get all the hidden treasure chests i haven't found yet.

also, as you may have noticed, i used a different inking method for this one. i used my pitt B pen, and i'm not really a fan of how it worked out. i think that pen is for people who work larger than i do; it's hard to get the lines the way i want them since they're too small for the nib. i dunno. i'll have to figure something out.

this is number 242.

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Anonymous said...

This is matt. I was going to say that I really like your new inking technique and tool. It makes your drawings look a lot cleaner and more comic-y, as opposed to the finer pens, which I think look more like plain drawings on the internet. That's just my opinion