May 13, 2011

sorry for no update yesterday, Blogger was in read-only-mode all day. so, i've posted what would be yesterday's comic today, and i'll have another comic on monday.

i somewhat recently found a copy of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the SNES at a local used video game store, and i was way pumped. it's been one of my top most favourite video games for years, so i was very excited to play though it again. i'm way past Star Hill now. i've got six stars and i'm in Bowser's Keep now. it's pretty great. and seriously, when i got to Star Hill on this playthrough, it was so fantastic- all of the little stars you can look at to read people's wishes are so amazing, i love them all.

if you have a Super Nintendo (or a Wii, since they have it on the virtual console or whatever), i definitely recommend playing it if you can. it's soooooooo great.

this is number 240.

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