Apr 14, 2013

i did recently acquire a 3DS! she's pink and i named her Piper. so far i've got Resident Evil: Revelations and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. it's a pretty sweet little handheld. contact me with your friend code if you want! mine is 1736 0612 2633!

also seriously i just got my 3DS and then decided to try and finish up my Pokedex on my Soul Silver game, which requires some monsters i can get from my GBA LeafGreen cartridge, so i've been putting more time in on my DS Lite and i feel a little silly. (i'm hoping to eventually complete my Pokedex on  my White 2 game, and i've already the vast majority of the Johto Pokedex filled. i'm mostly just missing 3rd and 4th gen monsters at this point, a lot of which i can get in my Soul Silver Safari Zone. the major problem i'm having is 4th gen starters and 3rd and 4th gen legendaries. if you're interested in trading, feel free to leave a comment and we can trade friend codes/work out a time to trade!)

and gosh, i'm really sorry that i have to much trouble keeping my "usually on Thursdays" schedule. i'm ridiculous. i'm trying to work on posting more regularly and more often.


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Anonymous said...

A little know trick to Blogger is that you can set updates to occur days, weeks, and even months in advance. Down to the hour and minute.

So I suggest that you take the time to make a dozen or so comics and set them to update every Thursday.

Take that 10 or so weeks to do more comics without having to worry about updating the blog. The biggest benefit is that it gives you time to look over the comics and pull out the stinkers before the whole world sees them.