Apr 19, 2013

here's my team for Pokemon White 2! i think about six or seven gyms in i switched out my starter (an Emboar, the same i had played with in White) for an Arcanine and i never looked back. i'm really really proud of her, she's a total beast. i also accidentally switched out all the fifth gen pokemon i may have had and ended up with a whole lot of third gen monsters, which is weird, because i tend to be of the 'third gen has the worst monsters' opinion, but looking back, gen 3 had a whole lot of sweet pokemon, too.

so, from left to right: Casimir the Zangoose, Candide the Ampharos, KenichirĊ the Aggron, Lady the Arcanine, Tobias the Altaria, and Kira the Ludicolo.

also i'm pretty pumped, 'cause i've signed up for the international wireless tournament this weekend and i'm really unfamiliar with competitive play. it's gonna be fun and i'm probably gonna get slaughtered. wish me luck.


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