Jul 13, 2010

Dear Jimmy,
I recently learned what NWA stands for. It turns out it has a swear word in it. I did not know that until the nite you replayed the Ice Cube episode (which, I might add, was way hecka awesome, especially when you and Ice Cube teamed up for "It was a Good Day.") Also, I'm so very excited for your episode tonite, with Nicolas Cage. I was saying last nite that I hope that instead of talking about his new movie, Sorcerer's Apprentice, he comes on and you guys have the following conversation:
Jimmy Fallon: "So, you're in this new movie, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which looks amazing! So insane!"
Nicolas Cage: "Yeah, but more importantly, I was in this other movie a few years ago called National Treasure, and I'd like to talk about that one tonite."
I think that would be great. Or if he talks about the Mark Millar movie he was in last year (Kick-Ass) which was fantastic. Also, as a side note, I scored the movie poster for that from a local theatre! Super rock n roll!
So yeah. I hope the show is great tonite! I believe in you!

number 134

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Matthew Rude said...

Jimmy: Oh my gosh! I love that film! It was so amazing!
Nic Cage: Yes, yes, it was really a tour de force performance (at this point he is putting his hands together in a sort of semi-prayer form with each finger touching its opposite). That is a movie I think the entire country can get behind (one of his eyebrows is raised).
Jimmy: Oh yeah! I totally agree! Amazing! Listen, do you have twitter? Because if not, I was thinking we could set you up an account tonite.
Nic Cage: Hmmm... yes, I think that would be quite profitable. Let's do it!
Jimmy: Alright! Now we're talking! So, these are my ideas: NicCageSuperman, DramaticCage, and TheHair