Jul 5, 2010

so, i somewhat recently (like, April 24th or something) bought Pokemon SoulSilver, and let me tell you, it is amazing. these are the eight pokemon i use most often (six are my usual party, the other two are my expedition pokemon who know like headbutt, strength, flash and dig).

their names are as follows:
Dragonite: Mortimer (male)
Haunter: Denison (male)
Pikachu: Davie (female)
Farfetch'd: Dinah (female)
Buizel: Ronson (male)
Typhlosion: Pembroke (male)
Quagsire: Rosalind (female)
Furret: Roger (male)

also, here's some interesting facts. one- Davie knows surf, which is freakin fantastic. two- a few days after i drew this, i used a trick to evolve pokemon who evolve by trade without actually trading the pokemon away to evolve my Haunter into a Gengar, so that's awesome. three- the spell checker here on the blogger says that Pikachu, Farfetch'd and Quagsire are all spelled wrong, but the rest of the pokemon species are real words spelled correctly. i don't really get that. and four- my Furret and Quagsire are my HM pokemon. Roger knows strength, headbutt and rock smash, and Rosalind knows dig, flash, and i think waterfall and whirlpool, but i don't remember about those for sure.


all things Pokemon are copyright Nintendo.

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Sam "9 working flamethrowers left in the world" Lyle said...

Oh goodness, adorable dragonite is adorable.