Jul 8, 2010

there's this house maybe three blocks from the library, and either it's haunted, or Halloween totally lives there. it's crazy. like, seriously, it is literally the most haunted/Halloweeny house i've ever seen.

also, i thought i'd tell you guys about another webcomic that i'm a big fan of! unfortunately, this one has been defunct for a while, and i'm pretty sure a lot of the older comics have been taken down. but still, here's Campus Critters, by Malia Deshotel.

i'm not really sure how i first heard of this comic, but it was a few years ago (while i was still in high school). it's about Kinny Swift and his roommate Steve Wolf, and their adventures. it was syndicated in the campus newspaper of Shepherd University while the writer attended the school, and you can read some of the comics here: http://www.whitefrogstudio.com/comic_portal.html

one reason i like this comic so much is that Kinny, the main character, is a guy, but he's really kind of childish and girly sometimes, and i dunno, that just resonated with me, not being the manliest man out there.

anyways, here's one of the comics that's still up on the website.
if you like my webcomic (other than if you just like it for the inside jokes or just because you're my friend or something) i'm guessing you'll like this one. seriously, my comic is very largely inspired by Campus Critters. reading the exploits of Kinny helped me to see that maybe people would be interested in reading about a character similar to myself, and it's full of anthropomorphic animals, and i just really like the humour. so yeah. again, the url is http://www.whitefrogstudio.com/comic_portal.html

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