Dec 12, 2010

as you may have seen a couple days ago, i've been talking about the amazing things The Harry Potter Alliance has been doing. if you haven't yet, you really should check them out.

this is the patronus picture i submitted to their tumblr in an effort to help fight the Dementor Horcrux as part of their Deathly Hallows campaign. you, too, can submit your patronus, in the form of a drawing, painting, photo, story, video, etc., to help build up a huge message of hope against the real-life dementor-like forces, including depression, anxiety and more, here. and you can learn more about fighting the Dementor Horcrux at the campaign site,

and remember, it's not too late to sign the fair-trade petition and fight the Slave Wages Horcrux! please send out the link as much as you can! the more signatures, the better!

also: Nic's patronus being a bearded dragon is a nod to my roommate, Cayle, who says his patronus would either be a bearded dragon or a cat. in addition, Dan's patronus being a zebra was Cayle's suggestion.

this is number 185

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