Dec 2, 2010

the Patronus Charm is, by far, one of my most favourite parts of the entire Harry Potter universe. it's a great way to express your hope, and happiness, and joy, and faith, and belief, and strength. also, learning what form someone's patronus takes is a fun way to learn more about them. really, the whole idea of patronuses is fantastic.

like last week or something, i talked about the super amazing Harry Potter Alliance and how great they are. yesterday, they announced the second real-world horcrux they are fighting in their ongoing Deathly Hallows Campaign- the "Dementor-like experiences" of the real world, such as depression.

so, as a community, they are gathering together to cast as many patronuses as they can, in the form of art, such as drawings, paintings, writing, photos, videos, songs or whatever other medium you can use to express your patronus, which can be submitted to their Tumblr. as it says on their website,
"Once they are all made, we’ll be taking many of them to create a collective Patronus that we will send as a message of our community’s hope and inner-power to a group who needs that message (the specific group is to be determined)."

i'm definitely going to get on this and submit my patronus in some form or other, and i definitely recommend that you guys do the same. you can learn more here.

and again, their website is and remember: Expecto Patronum!

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