Dec 7, 2010

i'll hopefully have one more Harry Potter related post in a little bit, but for now the scanner's not hooked up, so it'll have to wait a bit.

and seriously, "Tangerine Speedo" was an awesome song. i used to love that song. i haven't listened to it in forever, though. good stuff. i'm probably going to buy it from itunes. also, when i was doing research for this comic, i learned that "Tangerine Speedo" was on the soundtrack for the movie Charlie's Angels, and that Caviar also had a song on the soundtrack for Gone in 60 Seconds. and, best news of all, their song "The Good Times Are Over" was used in the closing scenes of the DragonBall Z special Bardock: The Father of Goku. amazing.

and here's the music video for "Tangerine Speedo"

EDIT: the music video's gone, but here's the song, at least.

this is number 183

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