Jan 24, 2011

i have, in the past worked on a werewolf-themed rpg, though i don't actually yet have a beta version (or really anything very presentable) ready.

the premise i thought of was this: lycanthropy was a (fairly) newly contracted virus that provided symptoms that could be quite dangerous for others nearby. as such, as soon as a reasonable medicine that could downplay the symptoms was developed, being an untreated werewolf was made illegal.

see, this made for a few interesting possibilities:
one. you could have untreated werewolf outlaws, needing to avoid the authorities.
two. you could have law enforcement officers trained to hunt werewolves.
three. you could have unofficial werewolf hunters, who just dislike werewolves and try to hunt them without any real legal authority.
four. you could have werewolves who were trying to treat their lycanthropy, but due to money issues or whatever other problems are unable to take their medicine.
five. you can have black market lycanthropy medicine companies who are making a cheaper, less effective product than the big name monopoly who first started producing the treatments, leading towards accidental transformations and mutations in the virus and other problems.
six. varying strains of the lycanthropy virus, having different effects including blacking out and waking up some place else hours later, remaining conscious but having an in-game requirement to kill and eat a living animal, etc.

and that's all the main points that i'm remembering at the moment. it seemed like an interesting idea to me, so i wrote down kind of a bunch of notes, but i never really finished anything. i might go back to work on it at some point, but i'm not sure.

this is number 201!

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