Jan 10, 2011

first of all, i want to thank my grandma for the Christmas money. i plan on giving her a call tomorrow, actually. i was going to do it tonite, but i lost track of time and now i'm afraid it's a little late to be calling her.

second, i really definitely recommend Tove Jansson's Moomin comics (or, really, anything by Tove Jansson at all). the comics so expertly show these ridiculously lovable characters doing hardly anything but being their ridiculous selves. the comics are kind of divided into stories, but these stories don't often follow that much of an over-arching plot- it's more of a situation the characters are all put in, where each action Moomin, Sniff, the Snork Maiden, etc., takes leads to a new situation. it's always very silly and loose and fun to read, and really, the characters are so amazingly adoreable. you must give the moomins a read in some form, whether it be in the novels or the comics. it's all so good.

and third, i really am feeling like a comics-making machine. i have drawn a whole bunch more webcomics to be posting in the near future (we're approaching both 200 posts AND 2 years pretty soon!) and i've been making copies of 4 different minicomics, which are all now for sale on the store page of my site (if you don't click the link you just read over, click the "Store" button on the left side of the screen). i'm feeling way good about this whole comics thing, and i'm very excited.


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