Jan 17, 2011

this is a real conversation i had with my roommate, or at least a paraphrase. it turns out the shirt he had been wearing was a Volcom Stone shirt.

also, to celebrate the fast-approaching 2 year anniversary of this comic AND the very near 200th post, i'll be posting a brand-new comic everyday until friday! i hope you'll all be sure to check back often to read all the new posts!

oh, an another thing: remember! you can by copies of my minicomics from my store, which you can find at the link to the left. also, if you're in or near the Pocatello, ID area and you don't want to buy one online but you can't find me, you can purchase Half-Size #1 (aka "Asterisk") at Main Street Coffee and News at 234 North Main Street in Pocatello! they're three bucks, plus you can get some delicious coffee and hang out in a way cool place.

this is post 196!

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