Apr 18, 2011

as it turns out, i've gone with the Elektross. i've been training her specifically so that she's faster than the average Eelektross, so that's cool. also, i guess at this point she's not an Eelektross, she's just an Eelektrik, but after i level her up some more so she learns some more powers, i'm going to use the thunderstone that i just got on her. i'm debating whether or not i want to wait for her to learn Thrash (which is a pretty cool move) or if i just want to swap one of the other pokemon on my team for an Axew (which i'll evolve into a Haxorus) that i can teach Outrage, because it's pretty much exactly the same move except Axew'd get a STAB from Outrage, and Eelektross wouldn't get that from Thrash, so Outrage on the Axew would be a lot stronger. i dunno. that'd require switching one of my team members, so i'm not sure. we'll find out what happens.

this is number 232!

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