Apr 7, 2011

this (sort of) is my team so far in Pokemon White. shortly after i drew this, Bartleby, my Herdier, evolved into a Stouland (which, as it turns out, i think i regret. hopefully he'll grow on me.) and i think i might switch out Elliott, my Emolga, for a Tynamo (which hopefully i'll be able to EV train for speed, so it won't be so incredibly slow... i've never EV trained anything before, though, so we'll see what happens), because then i won't have as many flying types on my team, and also because Eelektross (which Tynamo evolves into) is way hardcore. also, i'm totally looking forward to when Lyle evolves, because Krookodiles are wicked cool. plus, i named mine after the book Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile.

also, if you're in the southeast Idaho area, you should totally try to find the fantastic Dave McNeill and buy a copy of his brand new minicomic, Thursday Night Crime Fight! it's incredible, and definitely worth the $1.25 that he's charging for it. here's the cover:

this is number 227, and hopefully i'll have another up tomorrow. we'll see what happens.

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