Apr 21, 2011

more Eelektross/Emolga comics. also, as it turns out, the first Tynamo i caught just HAPPENED to have a jolly nature! so great. it was so helpful, especially since i'm not really a fan of the idea of breeding just for stats and stuff. i make a strong connection with the pokemon i catch, so it would have been pretty hard for me to breed a Tynamo like that.

as such, when i am participating in the forthcoming Grey League (Gray League?) from the awesome Pokemon Podcast: It's Super Effective, i will probably just be using my originally caught Pokemon. seriously- it's a very good podcast, that i definitely think you should listen to if you like Pokemon at all, and they're doing this amazing thing where people are trying out to be Gym Leaders, and "trainers" can battle them online with Pokemon Black or White versions, and when you beat the gym leaders, they'll send you badges! and if you beat all of them, you can challenge the Champion! it seems so great, and they say they'll have prizes for winners and Champions who have long winning streaks. you can learn more at their site- they've got a whole thing of beta rules listed.

this is number 234

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