Aug 3, 2010

also Commissioner Gordon. he's another cop who's completely awesome. in fact, he's one of my top favourite people of all time, fictional or real. he's just a man of integrity, you know? as much as he can, he strives to do what's right, and i respect that.

also, i thought i'd write about another of my inspirations today!

so i used to read the Disney Adventures Magazine, and it was pretty awesome. in the back, though, they always had a smattering of random comics, and, much to my surprise, they serialised Jeff Smith's Bone comics for a while, at least the entirety of book one, "Out From Boneville." now, it's super fantastic that they had this comic in there, because the rest of the magazine was all kid-centric, and it talked about the latest trends and tv shows and movies and stuff like that, but the Bone comics are of fantastic quality, both in art and writing. it's such an epic story, and Jeff Smith is such a superb artist. i love it.

you can find out more about Jeff Smith and his comics at his website, really, you should give the whole Bone series a read if you can (and actually, i haven't ever read the last book. my local library never got it, and i'm poor and have yet to purchase any of the books myself). the story is about three cousins who get kicked out of their hometown, Boneville, only to find a new valley to live in that is filled with rich history, interesting characters, and strange beasts, ranging from rat creatures to dragons. as it progresses, the story gets deeper and deeper, and really, it's fantastic.

also, Jeff Smith did the album art for "In Defense of the Genre," the second majour label album by my favourite band, Say Anything. the cover looks a little like this:

and Jeff Smith has also worked on some Captain Marvel comics (his book was entitled "Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil"), a book that takes place before the plot of the Bone series called "Rose," and his latest project, "RASL." i definitely recommend giving at least some of his work a look.

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