Aug 9, 2010

this is elliott if he were a Celestrian from DragonQuest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. i (somewhat) recently purchased that game, and i think it is fantastic. i definitely recommend it if you have a DS and you like RPGs. also, i think Level-5 is becoming my new favourite video game developer. they have this new game coming out in the near future, Ni no Kuni, that they are working on with the very fantastic Studio Ghibli, and it looks incredibly amazing. until just a few minutes ago, i had only heard that there would be a PS3 version of the game, but i just read on the wikipedia that a DS title will be released, too. i am definitely looking forward to that one.

also, i'm planning a redesign of this website, so hopefully soon everything will be looking a bit different. i'm going to be adding an Archive page, so that's pretty cool, i think. we'll see how it all goes, because it's just in the planning stages at this point.

and another thing: a few months ago, around the Christmas time, i gave out colour-by-number Christmas cards to some people, saying that if you coloured it and scanned it or something and sent it to me, i'd put it up. i have, up to this point, received one, and here it is. it was coloured by Erin Paige Tetreault, and i really appreciate her sending it in!

this is number 142

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