Aug 24, 2010

sorry if these are giant. these are the first three pages of a comic i started working on november of 2008. it's about a secret society of intelligentsia who work together to save the day from the evils plagueing the world in about 1889 or so.

and in case you aren't sure, yes, the protagonist in these pages is Thomas Hardy, author of Tess of the D'Urbervilles. and yes, he does have the power to control paper. that kind of thing was the premise for this comic: the authors, painters, inventors and other great minds of the era happened to have supernatural abilities. other characters i planned to feature were Nikola Tesla, H G Wells, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (i think that's how it's spelled) and Jack the Ripper. They team up to protect Great Britain (and, in some stories i have planned, the whole world) from terrors such as Thomas Edison, The Theatre Man (as featured above), and more. i was planning on having a story involving Dagon, from the Cthulhu mythos, but i wasn't a hundred percent sure about that. i have a whole big thing planned, and i've got maybe like five or six pages inked (in ballpoint pen, on lined paper) and another six or seven pages pencilled (again, on lined paper), and i have a whole 13-issue story planned out in notes and sketches. i definitely plan on going back and finishing it, but i've got to re-do the first pages on better paper.

also, page two is probably my least favourite of all the pages i've done, because it's kinda lame, and a lot of this is really sketchy, but in later pages it gets a lot better.

anyways, this is post 150, and i should have another regular comic up on thursday.


veggiediabetic said...

I really like this... except for the fact that Thomas Hardy is the main character. That I'm just slightly okay with.

veggiediabetic said...

Also... I LOVE the new layout =]

orange is the new "i love you" said...

point of clarification- Thomas Hardy isn't the main character of the series, he's just the main character of these first few pages. other characters are introduced very shortly. also, when said other characters are introduced, they quickly become more of main characters than Thomas Hardy.