Aug 3, 2010

i somewhat recently purchased Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky from the going-out-of-business Hollywood Video, because it was on super awesome sale (12 dollars instead of the usual 30).

after answering the questions at the beginning to figure out what kind of pokemon i'd be, i got the Charmander, which is pretty awesome, and i chose a Pikachu to be my partner pokemon. but, as it turns out, my Pikachu friend is a total sissy and he can't stand up for himself at all. sometimes i feel bad for him, because he gets afraid of things so easily. but it's all good, because we're working together to be the awesomest exploration team the Wigglytuff's Guild has ever seen, and Pikachu is overcoming his fears, and we're saving the day. it's pretty great.

this is number 140

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